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Overview Elmas


We are a company on the Romanian market for over 26 years, based on local capital and with main activity in manufacturing of lifting and handling equipments.

Based on the accumulated experience and the solid partnerships with leading manufacturers (Mitsubishi Elevators & Escalators, Bucher Hydraulics, Hiro Lift) of the elevators domain, we offer you the effective solutions for vertical transport.

The Elmas company, based on the adopted management, is actively involved in protection environment, by developing and adopting effective solutions:

    • Rainwater Recycling
    • Rainwater Recycling
    • Use rainwater to watering and maintenance of green spaces due to construction of a storage tank of 100 cubic
    • Good management and recovery of waste from production activities
    • Solar Energy
    • Solar Energy
    • Using the solar energy by installing solar water heating systems based on photovoltaic cells
    • Start the process of using organic oils in hydraulic component groups that accompany some of the products sells
    • Building Management System
    • Building Management System
    • Administrative building equipped with modern and automated exterior shading devices integrated into the building management system (BMS), which optimizes energy efficiency and management of natural light
    • Wind Energy
    • Study and design a solution to capture wind energy and putting in value the energy potential from our geographical region

Permanently, Elmas aware at all levels, the importance of maintaining a strong partnership with clients, understanding the requirements and give the entire support in achieving the goals that they propose.

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