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    • Mitsubishi Elevators&Escalators- cele mai rapide ascensoare din lume

    Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced at the end of September 2011 it has received an order from Shanghai Tower Construction & Development Co., Ltd. for the installation of the world's fastest elevators, travelling at 18 meters per second, in the Shanghai Tower currently under construction in the Pudong district of Shanghai, China.

    The current world record for elevator speed is 1,010 meters per minute, which is approximately 16.8 meters (or 55 feet) per second, according to Guinness World Records.

    • Elmas sells Mitsubishi Elevators & Escalators products
    • Elevator World, June 2011

    Elmas Company has been selling in Romania the products developed by Japanese Company Mitsubishi Elevators & Escalators, since the beginning of 2011.The own range of products is thus extended and Elmas lifts can be offered together with Mitsubishi elevators and escalators.

    Mitsubishi Elevators & Escalators is a major name in the field with over 80 years of experience. The innovative products of Mitsubishi have opened up new possibilities in public space design. Their development required years of dedicated effort to overcome the immense physical, technical and mechanical challenges involved. The culmination of decades of engineering experience is represented today by the high-speed elevator. It offers an reliable riding experience with an imperceptible vibration and noise level. Now you have access in Romania, through Elmas company, to high quality products that will offer you a special experience in use.

    • Hydraulic platform for heliport
    • Hydraulic platform for heliport
    • Hydraulic platform for heliport

    A new solution developed by our company for the following application: vertical transport of passengers and goods from a helicopter landing platform on a building and the next level of access to an conventional elevator. The main features of the equipment mounted on a building with a high of 14 levels:

    - hydraulic drive, load 750 kg, platform travel 7 m, opposite entrances, IP 55 protection, main control panel with Elmas software.

    We are able to develop customized and innovative solutions in material handling field, thanks to more than 20 years of experience and with the entire support of design department.

    • Elevator for trucks and buses
    • Elevator for trucks and buses
    • Elevator for trucks and buses

    To meet our customers needs we have developed two special solutions for vertical transport: elevator for buses and trucks (lorries).

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  • Agenda constructiilor

    By: Ovidiu Stefanescu

    “Leaders in the elevators industry are moving to service activities”

    Last year, our company registered a turnover of around 14 million euros and for the current fiscal year forecast a 10% increase in revenues. Upfront estimate based on signed contracts lately and on strengthening of exports deliveries. It should be noted that at this time, nationally, we have a market share of 8% on elevators segment.

    Based on experience gained in the field and using high quality assemblies for Elmas elevators, we provide to our customers customized products (non-standard), which optimally meet the clients demands. We recently started a collaboration with Mitsubishi Elevators & Escalators (part of Mitsubishi Electric corporation), so from January this year we started to sell in Romania a wide range of standard elevators and escalators manufactured by the renowned Japanese company.

    It should be noted that we provide a full range of services (consulting, design, installation and service) including for this type of installations. With the development of the company, it was decided setting up a department of design and concept, through which we provide specific services for production and delivery of customized products and solutions that meet the most demanding applications in the field. We have the ability to continuously promote innovative models and applications in electrical industry, which can then be embedded easily in the Elmas elevators.

    We support this activity and we launch in the latter part of 2011, a testing laboratory, which will actively contribute to the improvement of applied research. Regarding the impact of economic recession on our company, the sharp drop recorded in recent years, the number of new real estate projects - and beyond this - has led to the contracting of sales volume, but we succeeded to some extent to counteract this negative trend, by increasing the orders and assembling works on various foreign markets, where the overall situation is more favorable..

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